TASO Soroti

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The establishment of TASO Soroti in 2004 was in line with the TASO 2003 - 2007 strategic plan of increasing the organization's range and coverage of prevention, care and support services. The Teso region (Soroti, Kumi, Katakwi, Amuria and Kaberamaido) was among those parts of Uganda that did not receive TASO services, let alone those of any other major HIV/AIDS organization. There was therefore much need for a TASO center in that region

Unlike other TASO service centers that started majorly in Government hospitals, TASO Soroti started in a rented office on plot 7, Kyoga Avenue, Lale Road. The center's new building on plot 5 - 7, Gweri road with in Soroti regional hospital, was commissioned on January 30, 2006 by His Excellence the president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

With in its first six months of existence, TASO Soroti had registered 1649 clients, the same range as TASO Gulu in that time frame (and one of the highest in all TASO centers' history). To-date, TASO Soroti has registered 7715 clients, 70% of whom being female. The center started Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) program in August 2006, but 255 clients (including 24 children) had received ARV's by the end of that same year.
TASO Soroti operates in an area where people are displaced by karamajong cattle rustlers and recently the LRA. Because many people live in IDP camps, TASO Soroti does a lot of ART and other services with in the IDP communities.


TASO Soroti has a workforce of 80 staff, forty-one (41)of them male and 33 female. Of these, 16 are from counseling department, 21 from medical (including ART), two (2) from Projects and 24 from operational support, Data and day center departments.


Mr. Godfrey Ceaser Mafabi

Ag. Manager, TASO Soroti

P.O. Box 422, Soroti
Tel: +256-45-613 80: Mobile: +256 752 774 143