In March 2014, TASO together with the three districts signed new Financial Agreements to continue the Health Systems Strengthening project in Tororo on 12 March 2014, Manafwa on 13 March 2014 and Jinja 14 March 2014.

In supporting these PHFs, TASO has trained the staff in Provider Initiated HIV Testing and Counseling (PITC), Paediatric HIV Care, biosafety and nutrition counseling.  This was in addition to staff carrying out spport supervision, mentoring sessions and auditing suspport. Both the districts and TASO identified staffing gaps. TASO then recommended staff to the districts who subjected them to interviews before recruiting the best.  Further support will be offered in the fields of ART Management, Financial Management and Management of logistics.

TASO Highlights

Signing of Agreements to strengthen health systems in Eastern Uganda

In 2012, TASO signed a Cooperative Agreement with CDC to strengthen health systems in Uganda specifically in the districts of Tororo, Manafwa and Jinja. Under this agreement, TASO committed itself to support 53 Public Health Facilities (PHFs) to offer comprehensive HIV/AIDS/TB/SRH services.


TASO’s Longest Serving Staff Retires

      “It is hard to bid farewell to the people you have worked with for such a long time (more than a quarter of a century!)”.

These were the words of Mary Kakeeto Lukubo, TASO’s longest serving staff, in an internal e-mail  captioned “time to go “to TASO staff this afternoon to announce her retirement after serving her employment contracts.