Joshua Wamboga

joshua picture 155.jpg - 36.84 KbJoshua is the Team Leader Advocacy and Networking at The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), one of the largest AIDS support organizations in Africa. His role at TASO is to oversee and coordinate the development and implementation of TASO’s advocacy strategy. He is also responsible for identifying, monitoring and tracking policies on health issues, developing positions via a coalition process, and advancing these positions to key stakeholders. He has experience in analyzing, developing and implementing policy, advocacy and communications strategies around health issues.

He has also effectively managed the relations between TASO partner organizations/members and key stakeholders including subscriber members. Joshua has also represented TASO in Advocacy, policy and partnership meetings and other advocacy work. He ensures the implementation of the organization’s mission, vision and values.

He is talented in Advocacy work, public Relations and able to influence decision makers and campaigns for change in health policies, Human Rights and legislation at all levels. He is passionate, committed, and extremely capable in his work. He embraces new ideas, and maximizes their potential. My performance at TASO is a shining example of the energy and commitment to excellence. Joshua is excellent in partnership management and is extremely helpful and experienced in advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Joshua, born in 1973, joined TASO in 2002 and has served in several capacities including; Team Leader Advocacy & Networking-to present, Service centre manager, Project officer, Social Support officer and as a volunteer HIV/AIDS counselor. Prior to these he served as a teacher. He holds a Masters degree in Organizational Management and Leadership, Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, a diploma in Education and 21 short courses certificates. He is a father of two daughters and two sons.

Joshua is blessed to be a health care (HIV/AIDS) advocate and activist. Together with other advocates in Uganda and throughout  the region and global, they have advocated to increase health care budget allocations, relevant HIV/AIDS Prevention and management policy, Access to Household Counseling and Testing, Antiretroviral Therapy, Human rights for the vulnerable populations and Health workforce welfare. When all is said and done, it is probably the most significant. The spirit of advocacy was instilled in Joshua by Dr. Alex continuo, who always highlighted the plight of People living with HIV/AIDS and the disproportionate decision making in our society and how it affects social well being.

The family of Joshua lost two beloved sisters to HIV/AIDS, and that experience was painful and is what motivated Joshua to work with the local communities, visiting families in their homes, where he interfaced with orphaned and vulnerable children suffering, child headed homes due to HIV/AIDS. That tough experience crystallized the views of Joshua and inspired him tremendously. The community of PLHIV suffered tremendously and continued with much more incredible economic devastation that continued to build my ambition and vision with spirit, generosity and selflessness, like he had never before witnessed. Joshua also spent several years doing program work including leading teams of over 60 professionals at the TASO service centers. Joshua is well grounded on issues of health education, HIV prevention, advocacy, policy and partnerships to the wellbeing of vulnerable population in the community.

In 2011, Joshua participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). This provided him with a unique opportunity to learn new and evidence-based approaches to advocacy and HIV prevention from US-based experts that have access to the latest research and programming advances.  Joshua has met with a number of dynamic research and community organizations including in Washington DC, California, Maryland, and Louisiana and shared best practices for HIV and AIDS research and advocacy. His professional interactions made large impact: After meeting with Joshua, the head of an Oakland, CA-based AIDS foundation announced plans to replicate some of Joshua’s best practices in his foundation.

In 2009 & 2010, Joshua coordinated and participated in the US Mission in Uganda/PEPFAR, led HIV prevention campaigns in partnership with The AIDS Support Organization to commemorate World AIDS Day. The campaigns delivered HIV facts to underserved and hard-to-reach districts all over Uganda. I provided exceptional leadership in the coordination including liaising, mobilizing and building local support with district officials. Joshua’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills ensured that district leadership embraced the events. With my work history, experience and high energy, I have confidence and I believe in new innovative and reinvigoration work to end HIV Pandemic.

Joshua has been involved in research work and is a member of the TASO institution review committee (IRC). Among others, he has carried out and document a thesis entitled; “HIV/AIDS: An assessment of the impact on married couples”, a study of TASO Mulago clients in Kawempe municipal division-Kampala, Uganda

Joshua is a member of several advocacy committees, advocacy forums and networks including:

  • Member on the technical committee of the Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders’ initiative for Community Action on HIV AND AIDS at the local level (AMICAALL) Uganda, 2010 to present.
  • Member of the Civil Society Organization HIV/AIDS Bill and maternal health coalitions in Uganda
  • Member of the Global advocacy for HIV Prevention (AVAC) advocates Network
  • Member of the international Alliance of patient’s organizations (IAPO) advocates network
  • Member on Health Worker force Advocacy Forum (HWAF) Uganda, 2010 to present.
  • Board Member on the Positive Men’s Union Board (POMU) 2010 to present
  • Member of the stop TB partnership and of the African Network for Strategic Communication in Health and Development (AfriComNet)

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