Northern Region

Background to TASO Northern Region
TASO Northern Regional office was established in January 2005 following TASO's regionalization strategy that had come into force in 2003 - seeking to address the programmatic management, leadership and governance challenges that came as a result of the organization's expansion. The office is located with in the TASO Gulu premises, along Dr. Lukwiya Road, next to Gulu referral hospital in Gulu Municipality, Gulu district.

The Northern Regional office covers 16 districts in Acholi, Lango, West Nile Sub-regions and Masindi. TASO Northern Regional Office provides direct support supervision and mentoring to the two TASO service centers of Gulu and Masindi; and also offers Capacity Building support and Seed grant for service delivery to Mini-TASOs and Community Based Organizations (CBO) in the region.

Other activities done by the region include Resource mobilization to support centers and partners to scale up HIV/AIDS services; advocacy and mobilization for the programs, partnership building for comprehensive HIV/AIDS service delivery as well as training in HIV/AIDS management for other organizations and districts.

Presently, The Northern Regional office is supporting 3 Mini TASOs at Arua Regional hospital, Lira Regional Hospital and St Joseph's Hospital, alongside 3 CBOs of MACI in Adjumani, Nebbi hospital and Nyapea in Paidha.

What is unique about TASO Northern region is its social-economic and political context due to the 20 - year insurgency in Northern Uganda - a scenario that has made its needs and HIV/AIDS service delivery model also unique. The region has a challenging responsibility of implementing the TASO 2008 - 2012 strategic Plan goal of scaling up HIV/AIDS service delivery in the conflict and post-conflict areas of Uganda - which is largely in Northern region.

Governance and Management:
The region has a five-member Regional AIDS Committee (RAC) that is composed of members from the Center Advisory committees of the two centers of Masindi and Gulu. Below is the breakdown of the TASO Northern Regional RAC Members.

  * Chair Person RAC: Dr. Nyakojo Francis
  * Vice Chair RAC: Rev. Willy Olango
  * Client Representative (Gulu): (Mr. Ajuga Khelil
  * Client Representative Masindi: Mr. Musobozi Yesse
  * Secretary (Regional manager): Mr. Henry Muzoora

Staffing Levels

As of July 2008, TASO Northern Region has seven staff members, headed by the Regional Manager as can be seen in the table below.

Category of Staff Number Employed
Regional Manager 01
Projects Department 01
Training and Capacity Building 02
Operations 03
Total 07

 Contact Person:
Regional Manager: Mr. Sam Isiko
P.O. Box 252, Gulu
Tel: +256-471-329 93
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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