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The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) Governance and Management Structure

The AIDS  Support Organisation (TASO)

Friday, 31 October 2014
TASO Silver Jubilee, 1987-2012. Celebrating 25 years of Positive Living: The Foundation of HIV Prevention, Care and Support
You are here: About TASO - Governance & Management Structure

Governance and Management Structure

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TASO is a membership organisation that is governed by a Board of Trustees (BOT), with a Patron, Dr. Noerine kaleeba, at the very top.

The TASO BOT is a body of Volunteers periodically elected by the General Assembly of members during an Annual General Meeting (AGM). It provides the policy direction of the whole organization in addition to appointing and supervising the Executive Director.

The Centre Advisory Committees (CAC)  are bodies representing the Board at center level .The CACs provide oversight for the centre activities in the districts of operation.

These CAC have the task of guiding the 11 operational branches in Kampala, Entebbe,Jinja, Mbale, Tororo, Soroti , Masaka, Mbarara, Rukungiri, Gulu and Masindi.

The Current Composition of the TASO Board is as below:

Chairperson:   Prof. David Sserwada

Vice Chairperson: Mr. Emmy Ngabirano

Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Peter Robert Muyombya

Honorary Secretary: Ms. Frances Malinga

Clients' Representatives:

Ms. Betty Nampewo

Mr. Pascal Napagi

Founder Members Representatives:

Prof. Elly Katabirwa

Dr. Jane Mulemwa

Members are:

Dr. Rhoda Wanyenze
Ms Stella Tumusiime

TASO is headed an Executive Director assisted by a Deputy Executive Director and four Directors. They  Implement the policy direction activities as approved by the Board. They manage and have the final say on: Human, physical and financial resources of the organization.

The four TASO departments known as Directorates include the following:

  • Human Resources and Administration Directorate
  • Finance Directorate
  • Capacity Development Directorate
  • Programme Management Directorate

Alongside the Directorates are sections including:

  • Audit section
  • Advocacy and networking section

Below these is a team of 770staff and Volunteers who make what TASO is today.

TASO works in close partnership with its clients (PLA), and their views  are provided at all levels through Cient's Councils at national and centre levels that meet regularly and give feedback to the Board and management. In addition, representatives of PLA are given guaranteed seats at all levels of governance and indeed are given equal opportunities as other people in recruitement of TASO staff.