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The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) Join TASO

The AIDS  Support Organisation (TASO)

Sunday, 21 December 2014
TASO Silver Jubilee, 1987-2012. Celebrating 25 years of Positive Living: The Foundation of HIV Prevention, Care and Support
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The TASO movement founded by 16 committed individuals in November 1987 is a concept that embraces all and does not exclude any individual groups and communities, which, seek to uphold the TASO Movement Philosophy of Positive Living.

This TASO Movement Philosophy has come to be recognized as a very critical component in HIV Prevention and  Care and Support - all of TASO fights for - and is indeed taken care-of in the 2008 - 2012 TASO strategic Plan.

The philosophy calls upon individuals, families and communities to uphold the rights and responsibilities, which, pertain to the relationship between persons, affected by HIV/AIDS and their communities.
These are:-

1. The rights of persons affected by HIV/AIDS to be supported emotionally, medically and socially.
2. The responsibility of people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to cultivate self-esteem, hope, respect for life, respect for and protection of their community, care for self, care and support for dependants.
3. The rights of the community to protect themselves and the responsibility to curb the spread of HIV.
4. The responsibility of the community to support persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS so that they can have access to emotional, medical and social services and that they live positively with HIV/AIDS.

The philosophy of the TASO movement advocates that the above-mentioned rights and responsibilities be fulfilled through education, counseling, dialogue, acceptance and togetherness, but not through coercion and stigmatization.

Activities of the TASO Movement include:

* Participating in Public AIDS sensitization and AIDS awareness meetings.
* Supporting initiatives in response to the AIDS epidemic e.g. the Network of positive women living with HIV/AIDS, The AIDS Support Organisation, The AIDS Challenge Youth Club, The Heart Fund, Philly Lutaaya Initiative, The MAMAS Club, etc.
* Provision of HIV/AIDS counseling to the infected and affected people with HIV/AIDS.
* Participating in community based Educational Programmes.

TASO the Organisation
To day TASO has 11 operational service centres with 22 collabrative Health units and Community Based Organisations that Offer TASO-like known as Mini-TASO\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s accross the coutry.
The Centres are located in: Mulago, Masaka, Mbarara, Entebbe, Tororo, Mbale, Jinja, Soroti, Rukungiri, Masindi and Gulu. Any interested party can join the movement at any of those Service Centres.

All who believe and live with the TASO Movement Philosophy are members of the Movement in the larger sense.

For those who are willing and are able to contribute financially do pay membership fee which, allows TASO to further spread the philosophy more effectively.

Local Membership
Individual membership costs a minmum of Sh5,500/= Uganda shillings for new members and an annual subscription of 2500/= (Ug) Shs. Every year thereafter.

Foreign Membership
Individual membership costs US $ 100 or  70 Pound sterling.

Corporate Membership
Corporate membership is obtainable at 300,000/= Uganda Shilling or US$250 and thereafter an annual subscription of 50,000/= Uganda Shilling or US$50.

What do you benefit from being a Member?

The benefits include;

* Becoming a TASO family member, a voting member at Annual General Meetings and a fighter against HIV/AIDS.
* Do contribute towards the work of supporting people with AIDS (PWAS) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Today its me tomorrow is some one else\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
* Have access to free HIV/AIDS counseling from any nearest TASO counseling center.
* You can receive up-to-date information on TASO periodically through; newsletters, annual reports, brochures, etc.
* Invitation to TASO occasions e.g. Birthday celebrations, Drama festivals, Christmas party and Annual General meetings.

Fill out the form below to apply for membership and Please pay to the nearest TASO branch. For cheques/money transfers please make it payable to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"TASO Uganda Limited\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
First Name:
Other Name:
Membership Registration:
Form of Payment:
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