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The TASO Resource Centre and Library (RC and L) is one of the oldest collections of information and knowledge resources on HIV and AIDS in Uganda. The resource centre and library facility was established at the onset of the organisation as response to a need to have a point of reference for literature relevant to HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support interventions, which information was very scanty at the time.

The Vision of the Resource Centre and Library is, “An HIV and AIDS Information and Knowledge Resources Centre of Reference in Uganda”.  Its overall goal is increased access and use of literature and related information and knowledge management services relevant to sustained responses to HIV and AIDS pandemic.


  • To promote use and readership of literature on HIV/AIDS and other development issues in general.
  • To foster good library and information management practices among TASO centers and regional offices
  • To build a collection of information materials relevant in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • To promote sharing of best practices in care, support and management of HIV/AIDS within TASO and among partners.

Resource Centre and Library Collection

The Resource Centre and Library has a wide range of information and knowledge resources on HIV/ AIDS and related development issues   in both hard (print text) and soft copy collections. The hard copy collections are housed at main Resource Centre and Library at TASO Training Centre, Kanyanya and the Mini Resource Centres and Libraries at the TASO Service Centres in Entebbe, Gulu, Jinja, Masaka, Masindi, Mbale, Mbarara, Mulago, Rukungiri, Soroti, Tororo and at the Headquarters in Mulago.

The soft copies or electronic collections are available on-line and are accessible through an electronic resource centre and library system, which is an extension of the TASO website. The electronic collection provides access to the listings (catalogues) of the print collections and full text of selected publications. The development of the electronic collection (e-resource centre) in 2011 was supported by the Regional AIDS Training Network under the INSTANT Project.

Besides the internal resources, the RC and L subscribes to key online resources including HINARI, which offers access to full text of many of the world’s leading peer reviewed journals on biomedical and related social sciences as well as other resource centres.

Resource Centre and Library Services

The resource centre and library offers a range of tailored services aimed at addressing the unique needs of the patrons and these include;

  • Information services. The RC and L provides general information and reference services to its patrons on request and as part of the ongoing proactive services.
  • Reading facility. The RC and L provides conducive reading facilities at all the sites. The seating capacities of the different units vary, with the highest at the main RC and L at the Training Centre, Kanyanya of up to 15 patrons. Others range from 5 to 10 patrons.
  • Borrowing services. Information resources are borrowed to eligible users for specific periods of time. Inter-library lending and borrowing services are provided to partner organisations.
  • Document delivery service. This service is for eligible users who are beneficiaries of the mobile library service that delivers selected content items to the training sites of TASO and Partner organisations.
  • Photocopying and dubbing. Copies of selected titiles of print and audiovisual materials are made for patrons on request. These services are provided at cost recovery rate and only done where copyright / patent rights allow for making of copies for fair usage. Other related services are document laminating and spiral and straight edge binding.
  • Literature search services. The RC and L offers literature search services to its patrons and assists them in finding resources to meet their information needs. This service is done on request and also as part of the proactive services to promote access and use of relevant literature in HIV and AIDS work.
  • Internet and computer services. The RC and L has dedicated computes for patrons with full time internet access. The internet resources are augmented by subscription to specialised online databases.
  • Information promotional services. Services aimed at increasing access and use of information resources are provided such as Selective Dissemination of Information and Current Awareness Services.
  • Patron/User education. Patrons/users are oriented on information literacy issues to promote access and use of credible information in HIV and AIDS work.

Opening Hours

The Print text collection facility at the TASO Units are open on all working days from 8:30 AM -12:50 PM and 2:00 -430 PM. The facilities are not open on weedends and public holidays.

Patrons (Users) of the Resource Centre and Library

The Resource Centre and Library is open to the general public interested in furthering knowledge, research and development in HIV and AIDS work and practice. However, certain privileges such as borrowing of books, access to mobile delivery services and downloading of full text of electronic information and knowledge resources are reserved for categories of users who fulfil registration criteria.

Patrons with full access to all the services include; TASO Governance Members, Staff, Volunteers and Subscriber Members. TASO Trainees, attachees, alumni, staff of partner organisations and individual practitioners in HIV and AIDS work can access full text of electronic collection and limited borrowing services on registration.

Register as a Patron

In order to access full text of the electronic collections, one needs to be a registered patron/user. Registration is done by completing and submitting an online registration form.  Upon successful registration, the patron will be notified and will have a user name and passward to log in to access electronic resources. The users who are not logged in can only access the listings/catalogues as the download link is not visible to any patron/user who is not logged in.