Opportunities at TASO

TASO offers various opportunities to individuals and other organizations both within and outside Uganda to contribute to the TASO mission and to learn and share the TASO experiences in the HIV and AIDS response. Such opportunities include; employment, volunteering, experiential attachment and placements, visitations, internship, training and metorship, and conducting research among others.

Employment Opportinities
TASO has built a competent workforce of over 800 staff and volunteers, significantly contributing the the job market in the country. Whenever there are vacant positions in the organisations, adverts are placed in the mass media for all qualified individuals to compete favourably. TASO recruitment process is transparent and seeks to attact the right candidates to fill up the available positions. Successful candidates usually go through a rigorous orientation workshops on AIDS care and support. 

Over the years, TASO has offered practicum platform to fellows from various local and international institutions; School of Public Health-Makerere University, George Washington University, University of Melbourne, University of Notre Dame Avenue, University of Illinois, Wesleyan University CT, among others.  These partnerships have helped the students to benefit from TASO’s practical experience on one hand and TASO to get new ideas from the fellows and thereby improving its service delivery models and quality.

TASO has had one of the longest and most successful history of practical experience of caring and supporting People Living with HIV and AIDS in Uganda and the Sub Sahara Africa region. Today TASO remains one of the largest and most organized contributors to the Uganda National HIV and AIDS response. This time-tested experience therefore means that TASO is a potent information and knowledge resource on the response that can be harnessed to enhance the quality of HIV and AIDS service delivery through research and related studies.

Over the years TASO has participated in a number of HIV prevention, care and support research projects with various partners and provided opportunities to other stakeholders and individuals to carry out individual or collaboration studies at TASO service Centres of Excellence and other sites. Those studies cover a wide range of topics for both scientific and operational researches that contribute to the world body of knowledge on the response. TASO continues to provide opportunities to interested stakeholders to conduct research studies at its sites.

Activities related to the various opportunities are coordinated by the different TASO units; Human resource and Administration for employment and volunteer positions, TASO Training Centre for training and capacity building opportunities, Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation for visitations and TASO Institutional Review Committee(IRC) for research and related studies.