Directorates at HQs

For effective delivery and direction of its services, TASO has sub-divided the organization into Four Directorates – each headed by a Director and assisted by Team Leaders. These include the Directorate of Program Management, Directorate of Capacity Development, Directorate of Human resources and Administration and the Directorate of Finance. It also has two sections that are not Directorates. These are the Audit section - headed by the Chief Internal Auditor and Advocacy and Networking Section headed by a Team Leader.
Directorate of Program Management

This is the Directorate that is charged with provision of overall leadership and coordination of TASO programs, as well as offering management and technical support to the same. TASO’s core activities like Counseling; Medical Care and Social Support services are all embedded in those programs.

This Directorate is also in charge of coordinating the functions of Planning, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Information Services in the entire TASO. Specifically, this Directorate is to ensure that TASO research Agenda is developed and implemented, Research Priorities are identified and documented, evidence-based information for HIV/AIDS programming is available, and research findings are disseminated, among other things.

Directorate of Finance

This directorate ensures that the organization’s financial resources are adequate, well managed and properly utilized for effective implementation of the planned activities. It’s therefore involved in maintaining financial Management systems, consolidating budgets and cash-flow projections and ensuring that accountabilities are well done, among other functions.

Directorate of Capacity development

This directorates’ main mandate is to coordinate and provide strategic and policy guidance to the TASO capacity development function, and to oversee the provision of administrative and operational support to the TASO Experiential Attachment to Combat HIV (TEACH) project. Among other things, the Directorate also coordinates Capacity Development activities of TASO, develops TASO’s training curricula and programs, and coordinates effective collaboration with external partners on the TASO capacity Development function.

Directorate of Human Resources and Administration

This Directorate, oversees the management of the human resource and administrative functions in TASO, and develops and monitors use of supportive systems. It also spearheads formulation of human resources and administration systems and procedures.  It oversees human resource planning to ensure optimum staff levels for all TASO units as well as creating and maintaining a safe and conducive working environment.

Advocacy Section

Advocacy is in charge of providing leadership to the advocacy and networking function of TASO, and to ensure that TASO has a relevant and strategic advocacy agenda and that it is effectively implemented. Specifically, the directorate is to ensure that TASO advocacy strategy is developed and regularly updated, TASO Mission, Vision Values and Philosophy are propagated, and that TASO’s Public image is well cultivated and maintained.

Audit Section

The role of the Internal Audit section is to provide the organization with objective, independent appraisals of accounting, financial, and other operational systems in departments and units as a service to all levels of management and the TASO Board of Trustees. These appraisals help ensure that the Organizations’ assets are adequately protected, departments are operating efficiently and effectively, and that the organization is complying with applicable policies. It also facilitates cost-effective decisions that will support the mission of the organization.